Yes Pest Pros, Inc. Rids Properties of Pests Using Environment-Friendly Solutions

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. helps homeowners eliminate pests for good through various safe yet effective methods that do not harm the environment.

[Elkhart, 8/9/2017] – Yes Pest Pros, Inc., a noteworthy pest and termite control company based in Indiana, upholds their commitment to preserving Nature by using only environmental-friendly solutions. Their methods are not only safe, effective, and environmental-friendly; they are also more affordable compared to traditional methods.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

The company stays true to its name – Young Environmental Solutions (YES) and keeps nature’s best interests at heart during every job.

Unlike other pest control service providers, they don’t turn to harmful chemicals when ridding the home of insects, bugs, and rodents. Instead, they utilize environment-friendly pesticides, and in some instances, they don’t use any pesticides at all.

To safely eliminate pests from a property, they get to the bottom of the problem by thoroughly studying the area and watching out for clues as to where the nesting area is. Then, they proceed to set up traps and using other modern techniques to eliminate pests and keep them from coming back. When the situation requires treatment of the area, they do so using chemical-free products.

Their unique methods, top-notch modern equipment, and sustainable approach help them provide lasting solutions to any pest control concern.

Recognized by Experts

The company adds value to their services by investing in safe and cost-efficient technologies. They especially designed their treatment methods to protect the environment and their clients and their property. They employ only experienced, highly-qualified technicians. For these reasons, they were able to maintain a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have also received a Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence.

About Yes Pest Pros, Inc.

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. has been the pest control company trusted by residents in the Bloomington and Elkhart areas since 1983. They provide top-notch service using an environmentally-beneficial Integrated Pest Management Program. Recognized as a Quality-Pro Company by the NPMA, customers are sure to receive nothing less than long-lasting solutions to their pest-related concerns.

To learn about their environment-friendly approach, visit

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