Auction Direct USA Provides Hassle-Free Used Car Loans

Auction Direct USA makes buying used cars easy by providing customers access to used car loans that they can afford. The application process is secure, simple, and quick, to boot.

[Raleigh, 8/10/2017] – Acquiring loans for used vehicles is more difficult than getting financing for new models. Auction Direct USA believes that the lack of spendable cash should not be a problem for used car buyers, though. Hence, it helps used car buyers acquire financing to speed up the buying process.

Providing Customers with Multiple Lender Options

The dealership allows customers to access their network of lenders and presents them with the best financing plan for the before owned vehicle they want to buy. Moreover, it has financing experts at the ready to explain and answer any questions customers may have regarding the terms of their loans.

The affordable prices attached to its listings encourage lenders to finance auto loans, too, according to the dealership.

“At Auction Direct USA, we have the best market prices for used vehicles — which make it easier for banks to provide the used car financing you need.”

Hassle-Free Online Credit Approval

The process of getting a loan at Auction Direct USA is straightforward. Interested customers can apply through a secure online application. This means that buyers who are not within the vicinity of their New York and North Carolina offices will still be able to turn to the company for assistance.

The dealership can facilitate the granting of loans in under an hour. Customers with less-than-perfect credit scores are also welcome to apply.

About the company

Auction Direct USA is a used car dealership with shops in Victor, NY, as well as Raleigh and Durham, NC. With its expanding network of used car sellers, it provides used car buyers with a wide selection of certified, before owned vehicles at affordable prices. The dealership offers hassle-free transactions, including an online buying option for the customers’ convenience.

Auction Direct USA also offers financing, warranties, as well as vehicle parts and services.

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