Competent NIW lawyer in Washington DC

When you are looking to apply for NIW, you need to hire an experienced NIW lawyer in Washington DC. It is complicated to get succeeded in NIW since its requirements are many. The attorney you hire should provide quality services within less time. Before deciding the lawyer you need to look for his experience. It is better when they have at least ten years experience so that they have a good knowledge about the proceedings. In addition to, they should give a free consultation because you can have a clear idea about the lawyer and the process which you are going to undergo. Apart from all these things you should also be informed about the fee structure in the beginning itself.

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

People who are highly qualified and trying to get EB2 visa and green card can opt for National Interest Waivers (NIW). This can be a great opportunity for people who are without a specific job offer and people who want to avoid the labor certification process. However, NIW process can be considered complex since there are many evidences that has to be validated. Apart from qualification there are many other requirements that have to be fulfilled by the applicants.

Required Evidence

Few of the NIW evidences that have to be produced are listed below.

  • Recommendation letters from colleagues
  • Expert opinions
  • Letters from former employers
  • Publications
  • Evidences which show overall merit and value of the applicant

NIW Eligibility

There are mainly two groups of people, who can apply for an NIW namely,

  • Advanced degree professional
  • Persons of exceptional ability

Physicians, scientists, researchers and professors who possess a degree which is equivalent to a United States Master’s or PhD and also persons who have a professional work experience of five years  with bachelors degree come under the advanced degree professional. Persons of exceptional ability include artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, licensed professionals and others. To qualify the NIW, education only, is not important. By focusing on their unique skills, the applicants need to prove that they differ from other professionals and also they should be able to tell how they will benefit the United States. To know more details about NIW lawyer, visit

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