[TC] 2: Offering Remarkable Measuring Solutions with 3D Body Scanners

Garment sizing is one of the most troublesome and irritating problems faced by people. However, there are some companies such as [TC]2 which offer innovative 3 D measurement devices to provide effective measurement solutions. [TC]2 is the largest manufacturer that caters to the needs of Medical, Fitness and Fashion industry through their futuristic scanning devices and pattern grading software.

The automated 3D body scanner is the next best invention of technology, which captures the shape and size of the body in few seconds and then, produces true-to-life body models. It is most useful for online shopping services, where people could test their clothes virtually based on those body types. From training and consultation to installation services and maintenance of 3 D scanning system, [TC]2 offer all. Their software enables scanning, 3D body analysis, measurements, and visualization. Their software is the most advanced and perfect 3D technologies today.

Particular services offered by them include automated pattern creation for MTM/bespoke market, follow-up of shape analysis for training and weight-loss market. Their products are also used for the hardcore research process in several universities around the world.

They work on the latest computer aided design software (CAD) to understand and help in making a pattern, designing pattern, drafting and grading. The software is easy to use, innovative and you would incur no problems in using them. Their 3D body scanning technologies are also used by the 10 biggest and most popular 3D printing companies.

They have the best and the easiest credit and financing options available to help you kick-start your new business and generate revenues. They provide consultancy services for brands, retailers, and manufacturers to maximize the effectiveness of people, and understanding the areas for improvement.

Not just this, 3D body measurement and data analysis by them are accessible for any kinds of websites. This software can run on all types of languages like C++, Net, C#, Java, Word Press, Android and Apple operating systems. They are the most advanced technology with more than 6 applications that are live on their website, or on Google or Apple’s live platforms.

Hence, [TC]2 is the best bet to expand and modernize your e-commerce, medical or fashion business, and minimize the chances of wrong body size fitting and measurements.

For more information, please visit https://www.tc2.com/.

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