OurBus Prime launches intercity bus service from Columbia to New York City

Columbia to New York

NEW YORK — After tasting success on popular commuter routes, OurBus, Inc., is determined to change the way people travel intercity with the launch of OurBus Prime.  The Prime services are set to bring comfort and convenience to travellers on North America’s busiest intercity bus route – NYC – D.C, with a stop at the Broken Land Park & Ride in Columbia, MD. OurBus will be starting its much-awaited Prime bus service from Monday, April 10th.

OurBus Prime will be the first intercity bus service to serve the Howard County area, offering daily departures to and from New York City, with no intermediate stops.

Axel Hellman, OurBus’ transportation planner, states that OurBus Prime is filling a void in the intercity travel market, “Over the past few years intercity bus services near Washington, DC have exploded in popularity. There are buses that pick up in Bethesda, Arlington, Alexandria, and Silver Spring, but virtually nothing is available between the Beltway and Downtown Baltimore. It’s one of the largest areas in the Baltimore-Washington metro area that lacks an affordable intercity bus service – until now.”

A transportation technology startup with just 9 months in business, OurBus has already earned a reputation for its impeccable services. Presently, over 3,000 commuters have registered to ride the commuter bus service from their areas. The buses have been plying on commuter routes from Central New Jersey to New York City, and an intercity route from Northeast Pennsylvania to NYC. OurBus functions on proprietary algorithms that create nearest pick-up and drop-off stops for the customers, thus reducing the commute time and cost by almost 50%.  DC to New York bus tickets

Hellman says that “OurBus is making transportation more efficient than ever by connecting intercity and commuter routes together. This makes it possible for us to offer luxury buses to daily commuters and long-distance travelers at affordable prices.”

He further added “In cities across the country, local buses take commuters from the suburbs into the city, then return empty.  Meanwhile, empty intercity buses drive into the central city each morning to pick up long distance travelers.  These inefficiencies create traffic and add to the cost of bus travel.  By linking commuter and intercity services, OurBus is making travel cheaper for riders, and creating more opportunities for our partners in the luxury coach industry.”

The state-of-art OurBus coaches are equipped with amenities like reclining seats and on-board restrooms to provide utmost comfort for long distance travel. For those who like to stay connected with the world, the buses offer complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and individual charging ports for the travellers’ devices.

OurBus founder Narinder Singh believes that the company’s cutting edge technology will make the travel experience hassle-free. He says “The app-based bus service not only allows users to book their tickets conveniently but also enables them to track their ride. The travellers can share their real-time ETA with their friends and family.” Singh also added that “OurBus is committed to the safety and security of its passengers, thus, user details and tracking information are encrypted”.

Despite the exceptional comfort that OurBus Prime offers, the tickets are at a competitive price. While one can catch an Amtrak Northeast Regional or Acela train to New York, fares can be expensive. A train ticket can cost anywhere from $80 to $200. OurBus Prime tickets start at $19, enabling students, tourists, and business travellers to travel with greater convenience at much lower cost. Columbia to New York City

However, what truly differentiates OurBus from its competition is their dedication towards providing a pleasant and timely journey for their commuters. To ensure that the safety of the passengers is never compromised, a 15-point maintenance check is carried out each day and no buses older than 3 years are kept in service.

OurBus is increasingly gaining popularity among intercity travellers as a smarter way to travel. OurBus Prime offers the ideal fusion of modern technology and luxury at a competitive price.

Tickets can be booked at www.OurBus.com

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