Central Soils Purchases Loadscan’s LVS for Accurate Soil Load Measurements

Loadscan with its USA office in Santa Fe Springs, California, has seen significant growth in recent times as the demand for volumetric scanning technology, an accurate product to measure loads, is constantly increasing. New Zealand based Central Soils recently purchased a Load Volume Scanner (LVS) from Loadscan. The scanner offers top end, reliable and accurate scanning technology with excellent service and support from the company.

Central Soils supplies screened topsoil, unhoed topsoil and tailings from sites around Auckland and the North Island. Central Soils screen excess topsoil stockpiles left over from subdivision developments into a fine fluffy mix that is then sold to landscape yards and bulk compost facilities in the Waikato and Auckland area.

The company needed to accurately bill customers for the quantity of soil supplied. LVS has helped resolve disputes with customers that believe they may have been short supplied. With the LVS Central Soils can guarantee the loaded amount.

Royalty payments are made to the owners of the topsoil based on per 1m3. With the scanner, they can produce reports to the owners and make payments based on a trade certified volumetric measurement.

The Loadscan LVS removes any variables and delivers trade approved volume measurements in a single automated, non-contact drive though scan. Paul Zeeders, who installed the scanner, said:  “It was great to be able to work so closely with another local business, it’s not often it happens. We normally head on a plane to another country so having no jetlag was a bonus!” The LVS-3BMP is portable and perfect for large or long-term truck measurement projects where there may be the need to move the scanning location.

Loadscan offers payload scanner based load management solutions for various industries from the mining, construction, mulch & biomass, quarry & sandpit sectors. For a comprehensive volumetric payload measurement system for your bulk facility, get in contact with the team at Loadscan today.

For US and international queries, Loadscan can be reached on 1-800-747-2973 or sales@loadscan.com. The company’s website address is www.loadscan.com.

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