Fucoidan’s Numerous Health & Beauty Benefits Make It A Fixture In Luxury Cosmetics Industry

Many studies have been done on fucoidan, a chemical compound found in brown seaweeds and algae such as wakame. Its health benefits have been published in more than 1000 scientific articles in the US National Library of Medicine, and its beauty benefits have made it a fixture in the high-end cosmetics industry.

Fucoidan has a wide range of biological activities and is found in approximately 4% of the total dry weight of brown seaweed. More than 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and the wide diversity of marine organisms offer a rich source of natural products which are good sources of nutrients. Fucoidan is one of these beneficial discoveries.

It is rich in chlorophyll and is a natural detoxifier, helping to draw out waste products from the skin. In the beauty industry, it is particularly popular in anti-aging skin care products, due to its unrivalled anti-aging properties. Fucoidan is anti-inflammatory, regenerates skin cells and helps purify the skin.

It also protects the skin’s elasticity by providing intense moisture. When skin is dry, it loses elasticity and becomes more susceptible to wrinkles. Skin is also protected from UV radiation, as fucoidan inhibits the production of melanin.

Other beauty benefits include the regenerating of skin cells and the activation of the natural restorative ability of the skin. Fucoidan is also a potential therapeutic agent to prevent and treat skin photoaging. With all of these beauty benefits, and endless health benefits, it’s no surprise to see fucoidan labelling on many cosmetics, food and medicines.

Legend has it that the beauty benefits of fucoidan were first discovered by accident. A researcher was working with fucoidan, and after touching the brown seaweed extract with her bare hands over the course of the experiment, she found that the sores on the skin of her hands had healed.

The glutinous substance where fucoidan is found is beneficial to seaweed too. During the low tide, when they become exposed to the elements, it uses the substance to survive the direct contact with air and sun.

One luxury anti-aging skin care range that uses fucoidan is New Zealand Secret. All of their products contain fucoidan, and all ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably. Their anti-aging skin care products are 100% natural – even their fragrance.

Popular anti-aging skin care products in their range include the regenerating collagen serum and the anti-aging day cream and night cream. New Zealand Secret is relatively new to the scene, and begins their first shipments in September 2017. They will start by shipping out 500 sets of limited, custom hand made products.

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