Exapta Solutions, Inc Cultivates No-Till Success Through Working Knowledge

Exapta Solutions, Inc. promotes better profitability from no-till farming by equipping farmers and agronomists with educational resources.

[Salina, 08/16/2017] – Exapta Solutions, Inc. paints a brighter future for no-tilling with educational resources. Through its innovative no-till seeding working knowledge, the company promotes success for farmers and agronomists across the US, Australia, and Canada.

The company’s forte lies in understanding accomplished no-till seed installation and the plant growing process. Apart from equipping farmers with no-till parts and add-ons for planters and drills, Exapta Solutions, Inc aims to also provide useful information to help them get the most out of their equipment.

Believing that no-till agriculture success stems from proper execution of systems, the company offers it’s No-till Seeding Explained™ DVD.

“Once armed with knowledge, we hope you will see the value and wisdom of our products,” says Matt Hagny, Exapta Solutions, Inc’s founder.

Detailed Guides

According to the company, drills and planters modified with their add-ons can achieve precise seed distribution. For optimum depth control and good seed-to-soil contact, it is essential for farmers to use specifically engineered parts and equipment.

Speaking about these devices, Exapta Solutions, Inc believes these devices should “withstand various soil conditions and, ultimately, to achieve maximum seed germination and better crop yields.”

To gain a better understanding of the process, the company encourages farmers to learn all the techniques in their step-by-step guides. Developed by Exapta Solutions, Inc founder Matt Hagny, along with expert no-till growers, the guide takes farmers through the process and offers effective techniques.

Online Resources

Farmers having trouble with drill and planters can rely on the company for tips and tricks to gain more efficient operations. Exapta Solutions, Inc’s website offers helpful advice on ideal seed placement, seed firming, equipment, and other aspects of no-till farming. To ensure quality advice, the company only collects knowledge from trusted people in the industry.

About Exapta Solutions, Inc

Created by farmers and agronomists, Exapta Solutions, Inc’s goal is to fulfill the need for better seeding technology and methods. The company manufactures add-ons and attachments for planters and drills to make no-till farming easier and more profitable. Apart from providing high quality equipment, they also offer working knowledge resources to enhance no-till farming knowledge.

Interested farmers can visit their website at https://www.exapta.com.

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