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TopTech has established itself as one of the best TMT bar manufacturers of the country and offers an online rate chart where customers can get quotations for TMT bars instantly for West Bengal and Agartala (Tripura).

Searching for a price quote for earthquake resistant TMT bars in West Bengal? Try TopTech’s Online Rate Chart for the best results. TopTech is one of India’s certified TMT bar manufacturers and service providers. Trusted by top builders and corporate houses, TopTech has established itself as one of the best TMT bar manufacturers of the country.

TMT or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars are Extra High Strength Reinforcing bars which have replaced cold twisted bars that were commonly used for construction purposes. Following the international standards for quality, TopTech uses superior quality billets for manufacturing the best TMT bars. The billets are casted form A-grade ore with exceptional chemical composition. The billets are tested thoroughly to maintain the certified composition of Carbon, Sulphur and Phosphorus.


TMT bars undergo a unique metallurgical process in which the steel bars are cooled intensively for a short duration via a specially designed Tempcore Water Cooling System after the last Rolling Mill Stand. This sudden cooling hardened the surface layer of the steel bar while the core is still soft. After the process of intensive cooling, it is further cooled under normal atmospheric conditions to equalize the temperature between the core (which is steel hot) and the cooled surface layer. The end result is a strong and ductile TMT bar.


TMT bars manufactured by TopTech exhibit superior strength and high ductility that ensure that the structures constructed are sturdy and of superior quality. These bars are corrosion resistant and have good fatigue strength. They also support Seismic design due to their unique combination of strength, ductility and stress ratio.  The yield strength of TopTech TMT bars far exceeds the standard norms and specifications making them the best for earthquake prone zones. Also, TopTech bars are safer in fire hazards than CTD bars.


Alongside manufacturing the best TMT Bars, TopTech provides an online rate chart for these bars. Customers can easily get price quotation for TMT bar instantly for the states of West Bengal and Agartala (Tripura). By clicking on the required queries, customers can avail the TMT bar price today and TMT bar price today per Kg.

About Us: TopTech is one of the leading trader and supplier of TMT steel bars and TMT steel rods. It has emerged as one of the best and is now among the top 3 TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal with its superior quality products and at affordable prices.


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