BingoPetTreats Unveils Premium Range of Healthy Dog Treats in India

BingoPetTreats is India’s new online destination for quality pet food. With the launch of the company in India, the online store has unveiled some amazing range of healthy dog treats in India.

With the recent launch of the company, BingoPetTreats, America’s one of the leading pet food store, is all set to conquest the Indian pet food market. The company is aiming to appeal to Indian pet parents who are looking for healthy and affordable pet treats. Their offered range of products includes munchy treats, chew treats and natural treats.

BingoPetTreats’ new munchy treats features munchy sticks, munchy strips, munchy snacks and more. Their chew treats include chew bones, chew braids, chew donuts, chew kebab wraps etc., and their natural treats include smoked ears, hooves and more.

“We are very excited about these treats we have created and the unique health benefits they will bring to our fury pals,” said a representative of the online store. “Each of our item is made with high quality, healthy ingredients and is available in natural and mixed flavours. Our treats are great for any dog’s teeth and gums, and will keep them entertained for hours.”

Does your dog have destructive behaviour? Give him/her a Bingo’s chew treat. Want to reward him for being a good boy? Just give him a munchy treat! Want to keep him busy? No problem, Bingo’s natural treats are here to rescue! The company has created each product under professional care to fulfil all sort of pet parents’ need.
The company is also offering amazing offer in every purchase. The company has introduced a launch offer, where they are offering minimum 14% off on retail price of every product. Moreover, the online store is also offering free shipping on every order of Rupees 500 and above.

The representative also said that these are really exciting time for their business as their team is getting out of their comfort zone and working hard to meet the Indian pet parents’ need. The company’s plans include expanding their online store with the more exciting range of healthy pet foods. Interested pet parents can visit their official website to check out their range. In case of any query, they can contact the representatives at +91-9044460606 or at

About the Author:

BingoPetTreats is an online pet food shop that supports the needs of growing pet. We are America’s one of the most popular pet treat brands and has worked hard to bring our top selling products in India. We offer chewy bones, sticks, strips, donuts, wraps, and much more for your good boy. So, sit back and watch your beloved pet enjoy Bingo!



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