Deck-Rail.Com – Produces of better alternative for cable railing

Deck-Rail.Com is one of the best producers of cable railing alternative. Having more than five decade’s experience, they are well versed in metalwork designing and fabricating. They provide quality welding and finishing with the hands on design. They work towards customer satisfaction and they give importance for every nook and corner of the project. The company is licensed, bonded and they have insurance for every project they take. Wherever may be your project, they are ready to serve you. They use environmentally friendly materials for all the projects.

Cable Railing

When using cable railings we may not be sure what the outcomes of it are. Though cable railings are said to be invisible and sleek with easy installation, it has few drawbacks also. In cable railing stair transition may occur which spoils the appearance of the rails. They get sagged and also it breaks over time. They rub off the paint and causes rusting. To come out of these kinds of issues, our company provides a better alternative for cable railings.

Deck Rails – Wedgelock 3000

The wedgelock 3000 system which we use has many advantages when compared to the typical railing system. This can last longer with the same quality. It has floating corners, no visible fasteners, fewer and posts and few horizontals. It requires only less maintenance and there is no need to replace or retighten the cable. Guard rail with glasses and handrails are also provided for people who require a different railing.  They do not perform any on- site welding and with simple hand tools, the installation can be done. Therefore you can do it by yourself or with the help of a carpenter. They get their stainless steels and components from Specialty Steel Industry of North America and their products are 100 percent recyclable. Recycling is done locally for other extra materials, scrap and cut offs.

About Deck-Rail.Com

Deck- Rail. Com located in Emeryville is one of the proficient manufacturers of metal products. They produce unique, contemporary residential and commercial metal products. They replace steel with aluminum so that they do not get rusted and also they are environmentally friendly, lighter and economical. They have more 50 years of experience and they provide excellent service. To know more details regarding deck rails, visit

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