Features of online scheduling software, boon for your auto booking business

For small- and medium-sized auto repair businesses, online scheduling software is a blessing. Imagine managing your customers as well as your workshop through a single window provided by a scheduling software that works real time. No more missed dates or confusions about repair services booked, business owners can depend on a custom online software, designed to record every single detail and also remind their customers through message or email.


Operations are no longer a headache

Have it custom made to suit your requirement, with features that support your workshop operations and customer management. This software is ideal for customer relationship management or CRM in which you can enter the details and then leave the rest to it. Your customer will be reminded duly. You can forget about spending hours to remind or gain customers.


The software is absolutely easy to use for administration purposes. It can also be used for job scheduling. Your employees can log in to the online portal and they can be updated about their responsibilities. They can also plan their work schedule accordingly. A single software is good enough to take care of the entire spectrum of your business operations. Interaction and transparency is valued by clients and when you give that to them, it becomes an easy ride.


Online booking for repairs and servicing

An online scheduling software can be a very good addition to your team. Your customers can book online for the kind of service they require. Ease and flexibility of online booking can not only ensure loyal customers but also bring in new ones. Once the booking is confirmed, an email goes to the customer, keeping things straight right from the beginning. Now for the icing on the cake – link the booking to your android or i-Phone calendar and you will get a reminder one day before the booking, receiving an email as well as an SMS. The reminder dates are entered along with the rest of the details and the date and time conformation is received by the clients. You can select a suitable text to serve as reminders. Customers can also be reminded of any outstanding repairs thereby making it easy to follow up.


You can also count in some extras like printed job cards available if necessary. These cards carry details which are already stored in the software’s database. Plus, you can send custom thank you emails via the software and have a happy clientele at the end of the day. Using an online software will also increase your visual reach and have people interested in your services. So, you are advertising your company without really making any extra effort.


If all the above features are to be counted, using online scheduling software is extremely beneficial for your business. Taking this step might seem like a big one at the moment but in the future you will reflect with pleasure and gratitude. A real time scheduling software will only make your job easier and enjoyable, and you will be left with a lot of spare time after you have completed all your responsibilities.


Use online scheduling software and reap the benefits of the multi featured scheduling software.

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