Arctic Condition need Specially Designed Solar Water Heating Systems – Get one from 123 Zero Energy

123 Zero Energy, one of Canada’s premier suppliers of DIY Green Energy Systems for household and commercial use, offers solar water heating systems designed with advanced vacuum tube collectors to work efficiently in temperatures as low as -40 degree centigrade.  Using an antifreeze solar glycol heating fluid, all these solar water heaters can not just function in arctic temperatures but also survive in temperatures as high as 480 F. The vacuum tube collectors capture heat which moves into an exclusive solar water tank that has a built in internal heat exchangers having 4.5Kw backup facility. The heat generated in these solar water heating systems then transfers indirectly to the households for serving hot water needs. In case it is not used, storage takes place in the highly insulated tank for use later. There is a solar differential controller to control the whole heating loop in the systems and maximize their efficiency by turning on/off their pump (s) as and when required.

Solar water heating systems are normally used to heat water for indispensable household needs like bathing, laundry, cooking and dishwashing. Hence, these systems are often called as “domestic hot water systems”. 123 Zero Energy’s solar water heating systems use freeze protecting solar glycol heating fluid to efficiently heat the water in arctic zones where the temperature falls below -40 degree centigrade. These domestic hot water systems can be quickly expanded in order to include the option of potable hot water as and a 2nd heating zone like space heating or even a hot tub or pool. It is achieved by fitting another heat exchanger in the top of the storage tank. With the simple programming setting, the solar differential controller is capable to handle a 2nd heating zone. Now the arctic zone residents can take advantage of these solar water heating systems in showers and baths and can even send the excess produced heat energy to a 2nd zone by an extra pump for the future usage.

“Our efficiently performing solar water heating systems have exclusively designed Solar Storage Tanks with in-built back up 4.5 Kw of UL &  CSA certified heating element in the mid position of the tank. It enables the tank to deliver hot water all the time even if the weather is cloudy and frosty,” said a spokesperson of 123 Zero Energy.

Each household is different in terms of the number of occupants and their habits. The frequency and duration of showers play a great role in deciding the amount of hot water a standard home requires. The proper sizing of storage tank and the vacuum tube collector will help meet the hot water needs of households better. If you need consultancy on the size of solar water heating systems perfect for your hot water needs or want to know about the suitable package for working in your climate condition, consider contacting the experts at

About the Company:-

123 Zero Energy is a trusted name in the solar thermal system and solar water heating industry, offering pre-engineered green renewable solutions to reduce the client’s energy consumption without expenses of design and sizing. The company has been providing CSA and UL certified heating elements in the solar tank of solar water heating systems to help them perform at its peak in the arctic zone.

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