Military Footwear – Evolution Of The Combat Boot In The Military

A footwear is a type of garments worn on feet to protect against adverse environments especially regarding to ground textures and temperatures. There are different types of footwear available in the market such as boots, sneakers, sports shoes, jogging shoes, sandals, and indoor footwear among others. The military footwear or the military boots are specifically designed for the defense personnel to protect their feet from adverse environmental conditions, gunshots, and fire attacks among other harmful attacks.

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The demand for these military footwear is growing due to increase in safety and precautionary measures in the defense sectors. These footwear are durable enough for a soldier to survive in the battlefields and the rubber sole provides ample grip on various terrains. The boots are also lightweight which help soldiers to maneuver easily. Due to the durability and maneuverability benefits, the military footwear market is expected to grow in the near future. Moreover, these military boots are highly resistant to heat and oil and owing to this soldiers don’t hesitate to work in an oiled or heated surface.

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