Competent Divorce Attorney in Hackensack, NJ for Child Custody

Divorce becomes more stressful if it involves children into it. Most of the couples would have children when proceedings to court for divorce and they wish to have all rights about their children after their separation. The New Jersey Court provides the opportunity to state which parent can have the parental rights and support them. So to get it, the Parents may urge to the court by filing a Child Custody in the court during the Divorce and also can get Child Support amount to financially support of up-bringing of the child.

Child Custody in New Jersey

Unlike other states, New Jersey has the two different types of Child Custody. One is Legal Custody and another one is Physical Custody.  Legal custody of a child mention about a parent is to take the decision about the child’s or children’s education, health, general welfare, etc. If the both the parents are eligible to refer for the Legal custody, then the court provides with joint Legal custody to both the Spouse. Physical custody means where the child lives, if the children spends majority time with one parent then he/she will get the primary residence and other get alternative residence with Parenting time and visitation hours to spend time with their children’s.

There are many points to consider providing for the child Custody, like Willingness of the spouse to live with the child, Bonds with the child, employment, Social Security, Safety and more. An also the court take into the consideration any previous record of domestic violence and other situation to determine which parent is safe to make the child’s future bright.

Divorce Lawyer for Child Custody

Child Custody is one of the parts of Divorce Proceedings. If the Spouses are mutually agreed on Child Custody, then there will be no interfering of the court. But, the spouses have indifferent in the agreement then they can seek the court help for their child rights. A Divorce Lawyer in Hackensack, NJ provides the best solution to make the court proceedings of the child custody rightful decision and comes in favor of you by her negotiating and legal skills. He/she can act as a Mediator to mediate to the opposite spouse and resolve the things at a great simple level without having any hassle. A Divorce Lawyer of Hackensack, NJ will strive to make sure the parental rights are intact and their client to remain living with their children with full legal rights. To know about a Divorce Lawyer in Hackensack, NJ, visit


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