Healthy Pet Food Products In San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX 2017/Press Release – Feed your pets with the supreme quality food products available at Pet Supplies Plus. The San Antonio, TX based pet store offers natural as well as organic feeds for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles etc. At the shop, you will be guided by the knowledgeable staff to choose the right product based on the age and breed of your pet.

Discounts Offered At Pet Supplies Plus

For the convenience of the clients, Pet Supplies Plus offers discounts on various food items.

Take away the Nutro Dog & Cat Food products at a discount of up to 20 % with card.

The Cat Chow or Meow Mix Cat Food is available at a price of $11.98 with card.

Food For All Types Of Pets

Dog Food– For your canine friend, the store offers three different type of food products, i.e wet, dry and alternative diet food. All these items are AAFCO certified and help to cater the nutritional requirements of your dog.

Cat Food – In order to keep your feline friend healthy, Pet Supplies Plus offers a myriad of cat food from renowned brands. These products are divided into three types i.e. wet, dry and alternative diet food.

Small Animal Food – The food products offered at the pet shop are rich in nutrients and come in easy-to-use packaging. The food items have been specifically formulated according to the dietary requirements of your small pets.

Fish Food – The store provides fish food that is made up of natural ingredients and helps to keep them active. The fish food products are available in various forms such as pellets, granules, sticks, crisps and wafers.

Reptile Food – You can choose from a wide range of moult hoppers, mealworms, crickets, fruit flies, locusts, etc., for your reptile pet.

To know more about the services offered by Pet Supplies Plus, call at (210) 202 – 3126 or visit 3133 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX 78217. You can also log on to

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