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December 2nd 2016

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New York, NY—  OurBus, Inc., a transit technology startup, announced today that the company is planning a new commuter bus route that will serve the Livingston, New Jersey and West Orange area.  OurBus is a platform that allows communities to create their own direct, efficient bus routes based on demand.


dc to nyc busThe company previously helped Kendall Park, NJ commuters organize a new express commuter bus service to Midtown Manhattan, in order to provide a faster, more comfortable ride to residents who were tired of a long, slow bus commute.

By working with charter bus companies, OurBus is able to provide commuters amenities such as free wifi, on-board restrooms, and charging ports for their electronic devices.  All of OurBus’s partner companies have USDOT registration, full insurance, and professional drivers. DC to New York bus

“OurBus creates new routes based on requests from the public,” said OurBus Found Narinder Singh, “Livingston is one of the places where we are seeing the most requests.  We have heard horror stories about long commutes, delays, unreliable travel times, and crowding.”

OurBus provides a faster commute to its riders by placing stops in “commuter hotspots”- areas with a high density of residents with the same commute.  By doing this, riders are able to get on the bus within their neighborhood, saving the time and expense of driving to a transit hub.  The route will also serve a park-and-ride location for those who do not live near a hotspot.

OurBus’ mobile ticketing system speeds the boarding process and shortens the time spent at each stop, while eliminating the hassle of paying the fare with cash or coins. Once the bus reaches Manhattan, OurBus enhances commuter convenience by dropping off at several locations, saving many riders a subway ride, cab fare, or long walk to the office. DC to New York bus tickets

The company is currently in the process of applying for new commuter bus stops in Manhattan.  “The permitting process usually takes two months or so,” comments OurBus transportation planner Axel Hellman, “And Midtown Manhattan is divided into three different Community Boards, so we have to bring our proposal before three separate sets of hearings and board meetings.”

Daily bus service can begin once New York City grants bus stop permits.

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