An Established Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service Provider

Gator Leak Detection is a highly reputed swimming pool leak detection and repair service company in Florida. They have several years of experience and their professionals are well skilled experts in pool leak detection and repair services. With the use of today’s latest swimming pool equipment, they will detect the leak places in your pool. They have successfully completed many swimming pool projects; if you own a swimming pool and it has a leak, then they can identify and recover your swimming pool within a day.


Every swimming pool requires a maintenance process at least once in a month. If the pool have leaks and loses more water, then it is highly recommended to contact a skilled swimming pool leak detection service provider to save your water as well as money. Gator Leak Detection is well known swimming pool maintenance company, which provides high-end pool services to their clients. If you don’t know how to identify the pool leaks, then Gator Leak Detection provides some tips to notify the pool leaks. The following tips will help to identify your pool has a leak or not:


  • If your pool is losing more than 1/8 of an inch in 24 hours
  • If the chemical treatment is not keeping the algae of your pool
  • If an in-ground pool tiles loose or fallen completely
  • If there are cracks on the deck of your pool
  • If there are bubbles in your pump


These are potential causes for pool leaks. If you have noticed any of the issues, then you need to have a pool leak service expert. Because of a pool leak service professional will use various techniques and method to run its best possible.


Pool Service Process

Gator Leak Detection uses a unique process for their swimming pool service projects.


  • First of all, they will completely inspect your swimming pool plumbing and around its surface.
  • Then, with the use of ultra-sonic listening technology they perform a dye test to identify the leaks.
  • Finally, they have created a custom plan for your swimming pool.


About Gator Leak Detection

Gator Leak Detection is an established swimming pool leak detection service provider in Florida. They have experienced swimming pool leak detection technicians to make your swimming pool healthy and safety. Their pool leak detection professionals will do bucket test and dye test to find out the leaky places in your pool and repair it as soon as possible. To know more information about their swimming pool leak detection service, visit




6492 Kirsten Way #2,

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Phone: 561-232-3880


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