Students from City Academy Enjoy the Advantage of Personalized and Meaningful Education

City Academy focuses on nurturing a class of life-long learners. Their curriculum focuses on building good habits of the mind, heart, and work. Students will benefit from this in college and beyond.

[Salt Lake City, 08/25/2017] – City Academy is the product of a group of long-time parents and educators who want to make a difference in the middle and high school education system. The school provides a unique college preparatory program for students from 7th to 12th grade.

A Comprehensive College Preparatory Curriculum

City Academy gives students in the 7-12th grades a unique academic advantage. As a premier charter school in Salt Lake City, its curriculum engages students in investigative learning and active citizenship. The school’s small class structure breeds quality interaction among pupils and encourages them to be more attentive while in the classroom.

As a college preparatory school, City Academy focuses on providing personalized guidance for every learner. This way, teachers can foster the intellectual and social well-being of their students. Furthermore, the school structures every class to foster the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving.

Internationally Recognized A-Level Courses

City Academy offers internationally recognized advanced-level courses (A levels) in their advanced placement program. Their college-level curriculum gives learners the opportunity to engage in authentic investigation and study. Students with A levels have a distinct edge over their counterparts without the qualification because it is a fantastic way to develop English fluency, making it easier for them to apply to the top universities.

City Academy’s advanced program includes Cambridge pre-advanced A levels to prepare students for high school and college. Their advanced level study includes courses in History, English Literature, Mathematics, and Biology.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Through City Academy’s Learning Extension (CALE) program, students can expand their learning horizons and learn new things even after regular school hours. CALE includes a variety of activities for students and parents, where students can even earn academic credit. Their extra-curricular offerings include learning support, school committees, sports teams, and fine arts activities to ensure a holistic education of every pupil.

About City Academy

City Academy is a tuition-free charter school in Utah. Since 2000, educators from the Utah State Board of Education has been providing quality education for middle and high school students. The school follows a small class structure so that each student receives closer attention and has better exposure to a wide range of school activities.

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