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A Trip to Wonderful Bridges in Rodopi Mountain, Bulgaria

Bulgaria could offer quite amazing resorts that could satisfy everybody’s taste. In case you have already decided to visit any of the Bulgarian ski resorts in Rodopi Mountain and you want to see something unique and lovely, you should probably check out the Wonderful Bridges. This place attracts not just Bulgarian tourists but many individuals from different nations too. These bridges are in fact huge marble arches connecting the two banks of the Deep Dol River that comes out from Big Persenk Peak (2091 meters) surrounded by centuries old fir-groves and pine forests. They all bear the name Erkupriya that interpreted from Turkish means: er – ground and kupria – bridge. This is only one of the most intriguing happenings in Bulgaria and it’s in the middle of Rodopi Mountain on the East slope of Chernatitsa hill.
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The altitude of this Bulgarian miracle of character is 1450 meters. This place is situated south from Plovdiv city and close to Chepelare town. This phenomenon isn’t only attractive because of its striking appearance but also with its own origin and history. In former times, a cave has been formed in the marble stocks from the waters of Deep Dol River but it collapsed, probably due to an earthquake. The oceans have obtained the fallen splinters and that way they’ve formed two uncommon for their attractiveness natural stone bridges. The very first one is bigger with span 96 meters and height near 70 meters. Its vault towers over the crystal clear water of this river. The marble block, where it is formed, is 15 meters wide. There’s a road up there. From the walls, you will find just two attached caves and several different Karsts hollows, where lots of birds and bats locate a nice shelter.

Two-hundred meters further down you can see the second bridge, which is 60 meters long and looks like a tube. Its elevation is about 50 meters along with the arch alone is 30 meters. The bridge begins with a wide entry, which slowly gets thinner and in its end, it looks similar to a fissure. On the lower end of the bridge, the river suddenly disappears and comes to the surface after 2 kilometers. Not far from here in the front of the second bridge is the entrance of the Icy cave in which the ice is not melting until late summertime.

The cliffs are covered with wild geranium and Haberlea rodopenzis (called by the locals “the everlasting flower”). The everlasting flower isn’t frequently seen although the conditions in Bulgaria are great for it. Near these striking character formations, you can have a break in a tourist hut called after the name of the location – Wonderful Bridges. Here you can enjoy the gorgeous views under the sounds of the woods. There are some eco paths also that you are able to go through and breathe the fresh forest air. Underneath the peak of Persenk there is an ancient Roman road which was built in the Ist century B.C.. The Wonderful Bridges is reported to be one of the hundred Bulgarian national tourists’ items. The way to this place is long and the street is extremely narrow and the travel seems to be forever but as soon as you get that you won’t ever wish to leave. Bulgaria is a small country with many beautiful spots. Don’t hesitate to see Bulgaria because here are concealed amazing treasures of this nature’s most gorgeous phenomena.

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