Is the iPad Useful For Businesses?

Some companies have jumped on the iPad wagon and are finding creative ways to use the iPad. By way of instance, the Global Mundo Tapas restaurant at Sydney, Australia uses the iPad as an interactive menu. There is a budget airline, Jetstar Airways, using the iPad for in-flight amusement, rented for $10 a trip. A luxury sedan by Hyundai comes with an iPad instead of a user manual. Other than these extreme cases, how do an iPad be used to increase productivity or convenience by the average small business owner?

Conventions and Workshops

Can you travel to seminars and conventions for your company? Many men and women bring their notebook to these events. While laptops are naturally very handy in comparison to a desktop computer keyboard for traveling, the iPad weighs less and might be even more convenient if you’re traveling from room to room in a convention or workshop. These occasions are also often designed for networking – so you’re not just sitting at the table all day, glued into your notebook. The smaller, two pound iPad may be slipped into your purse or a small bag at the same time you walk round the room, or even carried in your hand for easy access as needed, but without being cumbersome.

It is true a laptop can go on a trip with you, but even the bigger netbooks and laptops add to the weight of your carry on luggage and can be frustrating when in the small chairs of the plane. If you’re sitting in coach, you realize every time the person next to you must get up to use the toilet you’re attempting to balance the notebook and whatever else you happened to get out on your hands with turbulence knocking you round the aisle. The iPad may be slid into the pocket of the chair in front of you if you have to get out of the way for the passenger next to you – it is about the size of a magazine.

Just do not try to use your iPad while driving, yourself.

Can you travel to client offices to provide presentations? How sleek would it be to whip out your iPad and provide a sales presentation or demonstration? Apple accounts that iPads can link to the vast majority of projectors, which means you could even broadcast that presentation on a large screen for a larger audience if necessary.

Replace Your Briefcase

Sure, the iPad has a word processor and spreadsheet. Those are always useful for business people. It would be much more convenient to read and edit files on an iPad on your iPhone while on the street.

However, what about the stack of magazines and papers you lug around with you on your briefcase? You might have all of your reading materials prepared for you on the iPad and bypass the briefcase. Use it like a eBook reader, paper subscription, and document storage and you’ve literally got everything at your fingertips. With the usage of third party Apps, there’s little you won’t be able to do with the iPad for your business. Want to know more about Tablet Rental Singapore click Tablet Rental.

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