The best way of marketing for some products is influence marketing.

For last 3 years, Yarddiant a wordpress agency based on India dealt with some blogs of some icons who is popular in social media. The company developed and customized a lot of blogs especially fashion blogs.


As per the analysis of Prasoon Prahaldan, founder & CEO Yarddiant say the most of the blogs getting a huge amount of traffic and visit length. Actually these blogs and the personalities do a type of marketing for some brands and products. Here the personalities, who have plenty of followers in social Medias like Instagram, twitter and facebook influence on some product or services. In certain cases consumers or normal people believe or trust this kind of personalities. This makes a good movement of the product.


Hence this marketing method is called influence marketing or influencer marketing. The people who promote is called influencers. In conclusion the team Yarddiant suggests that most effective marketing method for some products is influence marketing.

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