How Much Do You Know About Service Apartments in Singapore

service apartments Singapore

Service apartments Singapore are the perfect accommodation for those looking for a long-term stay in Singapore, and the AurealisGroup is one of those services that can deliver quality rentals. Immaculate services and care define serviced apartments, with expats and business people all agreeing that this type of housing is the safest option for unparalleled comfort.

Hotels and other similar types of accommodation in Singapore make it hard for business people or even tourists to find a stylish but affordable stay in the city. This is where serviced apartments come in to provide the guest with the best accommodation they could ask for when away from home. They are also a good option for people who wish to enjoy a wider array of amenities and facilities than those offered by a hotel.

The AurealisGroup, for example, offers five-star apartments that come fully-furnished for maximum comfort, and renters can choose between a one or two-bedroom serviced apartment. Each apartment features necessities such as a washer and dryer, a large TV, top-speed WiFi, and even a personal printer. A serviced apartment will also include a cooking stove, a fridge, and a microwave oven.

With serviced apartments, the guest will also not have to worry about security issues, as there’s a 24-hour security on the premises, and you can access the elevator only with an electronic pass. It should also be noted that guests can take advantage of personalized guest services that are created to fit their specific needs. A one-way limousine airport transfer is also included in the package.

Overall, service apartments Singapore is a great, luxurious option for people catered to people who are looking for a longer stay in the city. Apart from the many benefits offered by the apartments, guests can also enjoy facilities such as karaoke lounges, pools, recreational rooms, club event rooms, and more. This makes this type of accommodation perfect for business people and guests looking for style within the city.

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