Eposode Stocks Linea Pro 7 – an Enterprise Mobility Solution by Infinite Peripherals

Eposode Data Solutions, the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals in Australia, has started stocking and taking orders for the Linea Pro 7. Linea Pro 7 is the first enterprise mobility device compatible with the iPhone 6 and 7.

Apple has recently re-released the iPhone 6 at a very low price with Telstra and Officeworks. This phone is an ideal match for LineaPro 7 which is the brand new solution for inventory warehousing, retail and events and it features an easily replaceable battery and additional scan buttons.

Infinite Peripherals, a leading innovator of iOS business solutions is focused on empowering businesses to operate more efficiently. Infinite Peripherals offers barcode scanner data and insights that impact the bottom line in real-time as well as secure payment processing solutions on the sales floor.

Linea Pro 7, the latest new offering of Infinite Peripherals with its powerful scanning sled transforms iPhone devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanners and payment devices, making them perfect for warehouse logistics, inventory, ordering systems and retail solutions.

The Linea Pro line also offers a variety of options such as a 1D/2D barcode scanner and a magnetic card reader along with Bluetooth and RFID capability. The Linea Pro 7 is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6S and the Apple iPhone 7. More than 100 iOS apps are compatible with the Linea Pro 7 iOS sled, and a full SDK is available for the iOS platform. With these capabilities, businesses can now create customised mobile solutions for their scanning and payment needs.

The features of the New Linea Pro 7 include enhanced assembly and battery, ease-of-use and USB Type-C which enables any device to support a variety of protocols. It also includes two scan buttons allowing for ambidextrous use, making it easier than ever to use the device in either hand.

Eposode has been at the forefront of bringing innovative and low-cost measurement, sensing and mobile scanning solutions to facilitate enterprise with a suite of products specifically designed for Apple handheld mobile computers and smartphones.

To learn more about Linea Pro 7 and other products call Eposode on 1300764648, or email sales@eposode.com.au


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