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Epoxy Flooring – How Can it Work?

Epoxy floors is the procedure for applying layers of epoxy resin on a floor’s surface, generally up to 2 mm thick. There are two definitions of the process, one from the manufacturers of the solution and that of those contractors who apply them. The main reason for the differing schools of thought lay in the manufacturer’s instructions and the manner in which the builders utilize the product and their encounters with it.
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How Does It Work?

Coating a flooring requires four measures, preparation of the surface to be floored, priming, coating and sealing. If properly applied, it is totally sterile and non slippery surface even when it is wet.

It places well on various kinds of surfaces such as concrete, metal, tile and wood and is resistant to most harsh chemicals which makes for a durable and durable surface and some color might even be added to the sandpaper to get a bit of flare. Though widely used commercially, it also appeals to homeowners for its easy maintenance and durability, it’s not uncommon for someone to get it put in their own garage, basement or laundry room.

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There are a few forms, self-dispersing, which can be used for regions with forklifts and other heavy machines that is operated typically at a warehouse setting. Self-dispersing with quartz sand is used can be used in food processing plants because it makes a non slip surface. Places like diners and storage centers use self leveling kind due to its ease of maintenance. Mortar floors is used in heavy duty industries. The list goes on and on, you’ve got decorative epoxy, functional epoxy and there’s even anti-static epoxy that is used in hospitals and labs!


Epoxy flooring is not inexpensive and the cost of a floor depends on the size of this surface to be covered, naturally. Obviously the expense of the kind of flooring is justified by its durability since once it’s been laid it is going to last a lifetime. Epoxy flooring is typically done by a builder if it’s a commercial job, however there are many different kits out there that homeowners can buy to epoxy their garages and basements. Some of the kits come with flakes to add to or scatter over the epoxy once it has been applied. They come in many different colors so matching isn’t a issue and you are going to get the exact long lasting durability that commercial businesses get.

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