Ecostore’s Top Cleaning Tips for Spring

Spring is a time for cleaning, as the weather gets warmer and is a chance to ‘blow away the cobwebs’. Cleaner, drier and warmer homes are healthier, and Spring is an ideal season to let fresh air and sunshine in. But time is also needed to enjoy the sun, which is why a simple cleaning routine is preferred.

Ecostore has five top tips for keeping homes clean and healthy this Spring:

  1. Choose safer cleaning products

Plant and mineral based cleaners without harmful chemicals are a great choice. Look for products that have all the ingredients listed on the packaging so you can make an informed choice about what’s going into the air inside your place. This is especially important if you have any sensitivities or allergies, or anyone in your household has these issues. You may not know that fragrance is a common allergy trigger, so check what kind of fragrance is in the products you buy and choose fragrance free where needed.  Ecostore has a range of plant and mineral based cleaning products as well as an ultra-sensitive (fragrance free) range – check them out at

  1. Use plants for cleaner air

House plants release oxygen into indoor air and help filter air pollutants, so it’s great to have some in each room. By using plants, you can also cut down on the use of chemical-based air fresheners that may be designed to mask odours rather than making air cleaner. Plants, especially those with large leaves, can be dusted with a damp cloth in the same way as you’d dust other surfaces.

  1. Buy microfibre cloths

These are a great way to cut down on the level of waste that can be created by using paper towels that end up in landfills. Microfibre cloths are highly absorbent so they’re a good way to reduce dust and allergens around the home. And because they’re machine washable, they can be re-used many times.

  1. Clean up mould

Alongside dust, mould is a common polluter of indoor air, especially if your house gets damp. If you discover patches of mould, it’s often found in the bathroom. Try putting your shower curtain through the wash with some towels to help get it clean, then use Spring air and sunshine to dry it naturally.

  1. Keep toys clean

Little ones love to have fun by playing outside with toys, but that can leave them dirty – and they can get dusty if they’re left a corner of the bedroom for any length of time. One idea is to put toys like Lego into a laundry bag, then through a warm wash in the dishwasher. This can also be done for things like container lids and baby bottle caps.

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