Hire an Accomplished DUI Attorney in Georgetown, DE

Driving under the Influence abbreviated as DUI is the situation when a person is driving a motor vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or drugs. When you arrested for a DUI case, you need to hire a DUI attorney in Georgetown, DE. You need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible because a DUI case may even lead to license suspension along with serious consequences.

The lawyer you hire should be able to negotiate values such that it reduces the jail sentences, fines and more. Before hiring an attorney, you need to consider certain factors. DUI laws are expected to change from time to time so that it is better to hire a lawyer in the local county itself. The lawyer you hire must be updated on recent changes in the laws and should possess a good knowledge in the field. It is desirable if the lawyer has a decade’s experience.


DUI laws are becoming very stricter in Delaware and there are two separate hearings namely, administrative hearing and criminal hearing. An administrative hearing will take place in division of motor vehicle which is said to be the first hearing. The second hearing will take place in court which is the criminal hearing where you be needed to answer the criminal charge you are accused for. It is necessary for you to attend the administrative hearing within fifteen days otherwise license will be suspended for three years.

When you subjected to such a case, you will be charged with fines, forced to meet jail time, probation, alcohol education classes, increased insurance premium and more. There are many ways in putting down a DUI case and a qualified attorney will do that in a proper way. Most importantly the attorney you hire should have good knowledge in challenging various processes such as arrest process and testing equipment process. There is a need to track his previous cases so that you can get an idea about his performance.

The next important thing is you need to ask about the fee structure in the beginning itself. The lawyer cannot give you an exact estimation about the fees but you can get an approximate value. Also, you need to get to know about the mode of payment. You must be willing to share your personal details with your lawyer. So, based on this you need to hire the right attorney. For more details, visit https://whiteheadlawde.com/

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