Pets around India Get a Taste of BingoPetTreats’ Healthy & Natural Treats

Kanpur, India, The Company, which made its debut in the pet food industry of India a couple of months ago, was successful in attracting pet parents of the subcontinent. Many pets were seen enjoying the taste of Bingo’s natural treats, and the company has started receiving positive reviews from their owners.

BingoPetTreats is India’s newest destination for getting healthy and natural pet treats. The company, which is already one of the most popular brands of America, was launched a couple of months ago in India. Soon after its launch, the company was successful in creating a craze amongst pet parents, and a lot of pets around India got the chance to taste Bingo’s range of treats. The pet parents had awarded the company with positive reviews, stating that their pets liked the taste of Bingo’s treats.

Pet parents have said they found BingoPetTreats’ pet food healthier than the other pet food they have tried. Dogs with sensitive stomach found Bingo’s pet treats easy to digest and tasty. The treats helped them in reducing stress level and control the unnatural habit of chewing. Many pet parents have also said that they found Bingo’s pet treat helpful in training their pets and they have seen enhanced activity level in them.

On receiving such positive reviews, the company’s owners and representatives are thrilled and thankful. One of the representatives of the company said “BingoPetTreats’ premium pet food line echoes our aim to change the way furry pals are fed and treated. The responses which we have received have boosted our moral and showed that we are going in the right direction.”

BingoPetTreats’ one-of-a-kind range includes rawhide treats, natural treats, munchy sticks and snacks, chew bones, rings, & donuts, and a lot more available in chicken and natural flavours. The company is still open on their launch offer where every product is available at the discount of 14% & plus, along with free shipping on orders over 500 INR & above. Interested pet owners can visit the company’s official website to place their order.

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BingoPetTreats is an online pet food shop that supports the needs of your growing pet. We are one of America’s most popular pet treat brands and have worked hard to bring our top selling products in India. We offer chewy bones, sticks, strips, doughnuts, wraps, and much more for your good boy. So, sit back and watch your beloved pet enjoy Bingo!

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