Donuts for Dogs? BingoPetTreats’ Donuts Can Satisfy Your Dogs’ Urge to Chew

Kanpur, India, Donuts for dogs by BingoPetTreats are made with high quality ingredients that can meet your pet’s nutrition requirements, while satisfying their destructive urge to chew.

BingoPetTreats, India’s latest destination for high-quality pet food, has included one-of-its-kind donut treats for dogs, which are created to satisfy your pet’s urge to chew furniture and stuff. The company’s natural flavoured donuts are rawhide chews of sizes between 4-6 inches and can provide hours of fun and entertainment to your dogs.

It has been observed that many dogs or puppies chew anything in the house to keep their molars and teeth clean. This not only leads to loss of expensive materials but can also cost their life. The company’s decision to include these products is based on the desire to calm your dog’s destructive behaviour and while keeping them safe and healthy. The high-quality, thick, tough rawhide and the ingredients used to make these treats will reduce tartar, which will keep your dog’s teeth and gums strong.

To further describe the qualities of their donut treats, one of the representatives of the company said “Our donuts are made under strict observation and with complete hygiene, which most companies neglect. Ideal for dogs of all age and sizes, our treats have been tested to prove a drastic reduction in oral problems found in dogs.”

The company is offering natural flavoured donuts at a minimum price starting from 99 INR. Visitors can also avail the ‘Free Shipping’ offer on placing their orders. The company also provides a range of rawhide treats, munchies, dog treats, treat bones and natural treats at highly affordable prices.

About the Author:

BingoPetTreats is an online pet food shop that supports the needs of your growing pet. We are one of America’s most popular pet treat brands and have worked hard to bring our top-selling products in India. We offer chewy bones, sticks, strips, donuts, wraps, and much more for your good boy. So, sit back and watch your beloved pet enjoy Bingo!


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