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2nd Sept 2017. Varedo (MI) Italy – Cerruti Contracts is an interior fit out company who are also custom furniture makers. We are based in Italy and specialise in Italian contemporary furniture having carved our name into the list of best interior design companies.

Cerruti Contracts specialise in high end contemporary furniture and commercial interior construction made with dedication.

The company is based in the Brianza district, and uses special furniture artisans. Cerruti Contracts uses the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship of the artisan’s knowledge (that has been passed down by generations) and the modern visions of stylists and architects.

The services offered by Cerruti contracts include wood work, interior design, and furniture construction that have assured quality in global standards. In addition to furnishing, Cerruti Contracts produces custom parquets, boiserie, inlays using the best of wood including mahogany Makassar ebony, plume, old larch and Amboina.

Cerruti Contracts is a small holding of about 50 talented craftsmen among whom artisans, surveyors, architects and other administrative staff can be found. But be it in the quality of the work or the skills the company brings to the fore, the activities are global. The company has worked in 50 companies around the world.

Each country the company has worked in has added to its ideas, talents, technologies, material availability. Each of these strengthen what is already a strong base of workmanship. Cerruti Contracts focus on the network that does its research before choosing the best of materials and talent from each part of the world.

Choose Cerruti contracts in Italy to combine the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques in furnishing.

About the Company

Cerruti Contract are specialized in contract furniture, and till today we realize big complexity interiors all over the world, we carry this hand-craft soul made of high quality materials, attention to the detail, tradition and testing, perfectionism and tenacity, everywhere.

The stylists are Ferré, Verri, Versace. We are attracted by change and we pass from high level hand-craft to the interpretation of trends and lifestyles. For ten years, we work almost exclusively for Gianni Versace. For everybody a legendary brand, for Il Piccolo a school and a testing workshop. Giving concreteness to Versace’s dreams means to try new and precious materials: boiserie, gold, brass, crystals, inlays.

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