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Online Friendship With a Twist

Online friendships are very popular due to the comfort in anonymity and sense of their digital world. But sometimes, one needs a more vivid version of friendship and yet not too personal one, here comes the concept of renting a friend online. People are now able to choose to befriend a part online, decide a pleasant rate per hour and spend some time together without any strings attached!
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Route of the Less Traveled

A a lot more business-like arrangement than online relationship, leasing a friend for a family day trip or a day date for prom could be less emotionally draining than taking out a true blind date. While, online profiles of those members may provide adequate information and personal interests about the ‘friend’, meeting the individual for the first time could be fun!

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No Strings Attached

Because, there are lots of services that are available for hire, leasing out a friend appears to be the right choice for many lonely people looking out for a day of calmness, who otherwise don’t want to get involved in risky relationships. There are many others that are so active in their professional lives that they do not have a sufficient time to invest in natural friendship or keep in-touch with old buddies.

Going out with a buddy on rent by the hour, retains the ‘friends’ about the platonic level of companionship as well as provide security to the member on lease. New-in-town people who have not been able to make friends in town, can opt for a day date using a rented buddy to escape in the typical loneliness and isolation felt by these kinds of people.

Rent a Friend to choose out for a date

Even in hometowns some folks could find it difficult to fulfill like-minded individuals with similar interests. The members of this online service make it easy by submitting their profile, hobbies, interests, expectations and rate per hour on their webpages. So, any person can appear the profiles and location, coordinate with the member and clarify the meeting details to them to prevent any mishap.

A Friendly Adventure

It could result into an adventurous episode that is going to have the rented friend pose as a date to the prom or pretend to be an old buddy in a family get-together. While, leasing a platonic friendship could be devoid of the emotional upheavals of a real connection, the friendship may also turn out as an emotional healer. By way of example, a lonely grandma could rent a friend to go to her for sometime or a leased friend could lend a sympathetic ear to a recently dumped guy. The attractiveness of the service is that the friend will most likely be the most individual and complying friend that one might have ever produced, only since the buddy is getting paid by the hour.

Gaining Acceptance Gradually

Certain people could find it embarrassing or maybe a social disgrace to let out a friend for social gatherings, but that could be certainly averted, if both are prepared for the event. While the proposition of renting a friend is a little out-of-the-box, using the service smartly may lead to getting the best out of it and also the potential for gaining long-term friendship.

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