The best online platform for auto service and repair solutions

This PR is about a new innovative app which provides vehicle owners and buyers with a mobile platform for obtaining auto service and repair solutions from highly skilled auto technicians.

Millions of vehicles are purchased, repaired and maintained every day.  Automobile owners and buyers are looking for auto service and repair solutions for a fair price within their budget.  Similarly,  auto technicians are seeking a convenient way to connect with customers and meet their auto needs while earning a good income.  Auto Sleuths is  a free mobile app that allows automobile buyers and owners to obtain services such as pre-purchase inspection, maintenance and repair from highly skilled auto technicians.

The app is a great resource for all types of auto solutions.  It allows customers to describe a problem, find a technician, negotiate a price and pay for services.  Both iOS and Android versions of the app are available for free download.

The app provides access to the services required for all types of vehicles. The following services are briefly described below:

  • Inspection services
  • Maintenance services and
  • The repair services

Inspection services such as pre-purchase inspection, provides peace of mind to customers buying new or used vehicles. A skilled auto technician will inspect the vehicle and describe any  problems the vehicle may have. The report provides a thorough examination of the condition and performance of the vehicle so the buyer can make an informed decision.

Routine maintenance increases the longevity and maintains the performance a vehicle. Auto Sleuths auto technicians are highly trained and experienced and thus they are able to assist customers with all their vehicle maintenance needs.

Customers can also obtain repair services for all types of damage.  Whether the damage is external or internal, the app can be used to find highly trained technicians who are skilled in various kinds of auto repair.

These services are conveniently available through the Auto Sleuths mobile app. Customers and technicians alike will find that this app is easy to use and saves them time and money.  For more information about this revolutionary auto services platform, visit


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