Eliminate Your Credit Risks with Cutting-Edge Solutions from Accountability

Accountability was founded by Howard and Wendy Kemp with the aim of protecting businesses by cutting down the risk generated by outstanding payments. Since Accountability has connections with the major credit bureaus, their employers have access to an extensive database comprising of more than 22 million consumers and 3 million businesses. By signing up with them, you will get the opportunity to skim through prospective clients whenever and evaluate their credit worthiness.

Accountability is a trans-union credit bureau channel partner that is governed by National Credit Act, No 34 of 2005 and the National Credit Regulations. As a leading destination for credit services, their primary goal is to provide their members with the option to manage their debtors efficiently. They are extremely stringent about rules; should the due amount not be paid within 28 days from the due date, they enlist the business/individual as a default with all the dominant credit bureaus.


Accountability is offering a wide range of competent services. Some of their quality services include:

  1. Membership Benefits

If you register with Accountability, as a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Intra-member networking
  • Downloads and advice
  • Accountability stickers
  • Accountability security alerts
  1. Default Management

Their debt management services include important facilities such as:

  • Sending notices to debtors
  • Adding defaulter’s name to the database
  • Updating database form
  1. Collection Service

Their extremely lucrative collection services include:

  • Debt collection facilities
  • Legal collections
  1. Credit Management

Their credit management solutions offer you the following facilities:

  • Access to business information reports
  • Access to consumer information reports
  • Default listing
  • Obtain Bank codes
  1. Deed Searches

If you are one of their lucky members, you can search for information about properties in South Africa, belonging to a particular company/individual.

  1. Judgement Removal Request

The Judgement Removal request permits their members to instruct affiliated attorneys to begin the process of judgement removals.

  1. Transaction Capital Credit Health

Their members will receive Credit Health Reports stating all credit information held with all the major credit bureaus in South Africa.

For more information visit the official website of Accountability at https://www.accountability.co.za/

About Accountability

Based in Cape Town, Accountability is a renowned web-based company that offers expert solutions to reduce credit risks. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporate company, Accountability’s highly efficient team assist you to eradicate credit risk competently.

29 Bella Rosa Street, Rosenpark, Bellville,
Cape Town, 7530
South Africa
Tel: 0861909090

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