Aseako Electric Bikes – Best Electric Bike Manufacturer in Perth

Aseako Electric Bikes is a one of the leading electric bike manufacturer in Australia, and they provide a wide range of electric bikes at an affordable cost. Since 2009, Aseako is an Australian owned company; they deliver their electric bikes in Sydney, Perth and other areas of Western Australia. Aseako Electric bikes have a unique high performance Torque Mid Drive System, which help in the region of hilly terrain as it makes hill climbing a breeze. Aseako Electric Bikes has latest technologies in their electric bikes.


Aseako electric bikes are carefully designed for providing the best performance for their riders. They have continuously given the best improvements in the performance of their electric bikes with the updated technologies and developments. The major advanced technologies used in Aseako electric bikes are given below

  • Patented Mid Drive Advanced System – This will help to run the motor more efficiently for a longer period of time. Its major benefit is Superior hill climbing ability and it improves the use of existing gears and improved battery performance.
  • Quality Component All the major components of electric bikes are selected and tested to provide high performance, comfort and convenience to their riders.
  • Functional and Appealing Design – They have focused on the functional and design pattern of the technologically improved Aseako Electric Bikes. So, they have worked very hard to design their electric bikes more functional and stylish than the other electric bikes. The design of their bikes range from rugged mountain bikes to classy crossover models.
  • Safety and Legality- For the Safety and Security purposes of their riders, they have built the electric bikes with Sensor brakes, Pedal assist sensor, Speed limit controller and current limit and temperature control technologies.

About Aseako Electric Bikes

Aseako Electric Bikes is an Australian owned electric bike manufacturing company in Perth. Perth is a great market place for Electric Bikes. They have sold 100’s of ASEAKO Electric Bikes and ZOCO Electric Bikes in the Western Australia over the years. And they have an overall experience of about 8 years in manufacturing the best electric bikes in the market, and they are selling Aseako electric bikes in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Sunshine Coast. They work hard and efficiently to satisfy all of their customers requirements in the electric bikes with advanced technologies and developments. To know more information about their electric bike Perth, visit


Collaroy Plateau NSW, Australia

 Phone: 1300 55 99 76

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