US patent awarded for breakthrough hair regrowth formula to Indian doctors

Mumbai, 4th  Aug, 2017 – The U.S Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), the patenting authority in the U.S has awarded Indian doctors Dr.Debraj Shome and Dr.Rinky Kapoor with the patent for hair regrowth formula through QR 678 the breakthrough revolutionary molecule that ushered in hope for the follicularly challenged.


Speaking about the patent, Dr.Debraj Shome said, “Our research was to bring about a more painless and most importantly effective treatment to help the millions of individuals who suffer from hair loss – congenital and acquired”.  The revolutionary molecule made it through the multiple rounds of screening before the patent was finally awarded to the duo. The treatment involves intradermal injections that delivered specific dosage of the molecules directly to the scalp.


The injections are administered to the targeted areas in the scalp and the micro needles do away with the need for complicated processes including local anaesthesia. The absolutely safe procedure now awaits DCCA approval for commercial manufacture. Once the commercial manufacture and sale starts in India, sales of this path breaking molecule is expected to pick up rapidly and replace many expensive treatment options.


“Our goal was pretty simple – we were on the lookout for a treatment option that would be affordable and effective at the same time” said Dr.Rinky Kapoor the co-holder of the patent. The simple process has brought effective treatment within the reach of a large number of patients, who earlier had to fork out large sums of money for hair re-growth formulas.


Recognised as one of the more effective forms of hair treatment, QR 678 molecule is a dual purpose treatment. It controls the loss of hair while stimulating the re-growth of hair in bald patches. It is ideally a very effective option even for patients who are considering hair implantation.  Its effectiveness witnessed a demand for the procedure from patients who flew in from various locations across the globe. With impressive results, the QR 678 patent has come at the right time for the duo, they now plan to launch it commercially after necessary approval.



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