Check Out Nine Roku Tricks That You Should Try Right Away

We all know that we can easily use the Roku streaming players but when we talk about some tricks and hidden tips then these are used by seldom people because these remain hidden for some existing and new user. Don’t worry we are going to discuss the 9 important tricks that you can try with your Roku device to improve the experience. In case of more help, you can go to The 9 tricks are discussed below. 

  1. Use your smart phone as a keyboard for Roku: if you are fed up with the onscreen keyboard that is used for opening the apps and sign in to account then here is the solution for you. Just open the app on your Android or iOS phone and click on the keyboard there. You will able to type more quickly and easily than the onscreen keyboard. It will help you in signing onto www Roku com link more quickly.
  2. Voice search: The Roku 3rd and 4th generation device comes with remote that has built in voice search option. Nothing is quicker than voice search. If you are using the older models then you don’t worry, simply go to the search option and type voice then speaks the name of the favorite director to watch the latest movies directed by him.
  3. Media streaming from phone: There is the option of casting a media to the home screen. If you have been to some occasion and want to show the pictures that you have clicked there then instead of watching it on the mobile cast it on the big screen with the help of ‘play on Roku’ option available under Roku app. The streaming of such contents is fast.
  4. Change your Roku remote to universal remote: The Roku remote is handy and sleek. Moreover, the shortcut buttons of Netflix, YouTube makes it funkier. The only drawback in this remote was that you can’t interface it with your TV remote. This facility is now available with payment of some charges. You can enjoy services with single remote only. There is no need of an additional If your Roku Com Link, then you can get it fixed by experts.
  5. Channel organization: there are mammoth on channel list available in the Roku library so it is difficult to find the channel of your choice at one. With organizing feature you can move your favorite channel from last to one. Just tap on the channel and then an option. Under the option, click on the move to transfer it to a particula
  6. Choose a new theme: Are you fed up of seeing a purple screen of your TV then don’t worry. You can now change the theme of your own choice by just visiting Roku channel theme store. All the themes from the different range are available there. You can download them after paying the fee.
  7. Install a screen saver: Same is the case with screen layout option. If you feel boredom with the present screensaver then go to the settings and look for screensaver option. You will find a variety of themes there. If you like anyone out of them then you can select that otherwise visit the website. You need to have Roku code for verification purpose. You can get the code while doing Roku account setup. Screensaver bounces on your screen when the screen is in the idle Nebula is the best screensaver that displays digital clock rather than Roku logo.
  8. Renaming: You can rename your Roku device if you are using more than one Roku device in a separate room then it would be better to rename the Roku like Roku room and bedroom than speaking as roku2 and Roku 3. Set up Roku account then rename it from the setting under my account page. If Roku not working, then don’t panic because you have a highly diligent support to rescue you from any Roku related problem.
  9. Install private channels: Add private channels other than Hulu and Amazon from sources like, com, and

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