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Ever wondered what does a degree of MSC in remote sensing hold? It is not just a post-graduation program, but it is a gateway to ‘Out of the World’ opportunities. Don’t believe us? Here’s something that might convince you!

On 24th of February 2017, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched a remote sensing satellite in space. This satellite is a part of the initial stages of the landing process. The satellite, Falcon 9, was deployed into a sun-synchronous orbit, marking Falcon 9 first orbital rocket capable of reflight. The focus of the development of Falcon 9 was precision remote sensing, because the payload delivery depended on it. According to one of company’s many objectives with respect to Falcon 9, it is a prominent step in achieving reusability of space vehicles, thus helping in reducing the operational cost. This endeavor by SpaceX company is a giant leap in humanity’s chances of becoming an interplanetary species.

The understanding of human beings about space has evolved over the time. Starting from the early stargazers who used stones to mark the celestial events to the tribes who built colossal stone structures, human race has been through it all. We evolved over the time, because we learned new things. The space technology that we see today is a much latter version of the knowledge which we started accumulating centuries ago. The more sky gazers & astrophysicists of the earlier time studied the sky above them, better the tools they developed. Tools which enhance our capabilities to see further & explore more of the vast vicinity we call ‘Space’. Early tools, such as an Astrolabe which was invented in 4th century, enabled us in determining the solar activities. Another invention which took place in the 16th century named the ‘Great Mural Quadrant’ gave us an incredible ability of astro-positioning. And just a century later, Telescope was invented which amplified the learning capabilities of researchers. Technological achievements and brilliant theories continued to grow & expand the space technology over the centuries.

Now, due to the genius inventions & efforts of many space research & development organizations such as ISRO, NASA, SpaceX, etc. Millennials are one step closer to inhabiting the space. As exciting as it sounds, we still have a lot of learning to do and many more areas to explore and that is only possible through educating the generation. Education has always played a very crucial role in turning the wheel of progress for us. The more we learn, better we understand and further we explore.

While foreign countries are actively investing significantly in enhancing the educational approach towards space technology & applications, India still hasn’t caught up with the herd. In an attempt to cover up that difference, Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics (SIG) in has taken in upon themselves to revolutionizing the field of Geospatial Science education in India. The college has the program which can lead you to exciting opportunities!

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