Body Worn Temperature Sensors Market to Expand at 45.70% CAGR Upto 2020

​The report offers strategic analysis of the global body worn temperature sensors market. The global body worn temperature sensors market has been segmented on the basis of types, care setting, patient demographic, applications and end-user industries. Cross sectional analysis of the global body worn temperature sensors market across four major geographical segments have also been covered under the scope of the report. Increasing health awareness among all age groups ranging from infants to the elderly population is primarily driving the growth of the market. Body-worn temperature sensors effectively monitor and measure bodily activities such as body temperature, heart rate and pulse rate among others.

Furthermore, increasing applications of body-worn temperature sensors in different sectors such as healthcare, fitness and wellness and manufacturing is also fuelling the growth of the global body worn temperature sensors market. Due to increased demand for wearable technology along with further technological development of the sensors the application areas of body-worn sensors are anticipated to grow during the forecast period. Another factor driving the growth of the body worn temperature sensors market is the compactness and portability of body-worn temperature sensors. Increasing concern about chronic diseases coupled with the rising market penetration of body-worn temperature sensors used in the healthcare segment are accounting for the rapid growth of this market. Considering these factors, the global body worn temperature sensors market is expected to rise during the forecast period from 2014-2020.

With advancements in technology and design, wearable temperature sensors are providing reliability and security across different sectors, ranging from fitness tracking to health monitoring. There lies an enormous opportunity for the smaller players to emerge in the global body worn temperature sensors market in the near future. The price of wearable temperature sensors is expected to decrease with an increase in the number of players competing among themselves. The new entrants are expected to come up with technologically advanced substitute products at a lower price. However, high price of temperature-based wearable sensors and slower acceptance of these products are the major factors inhibiting the growth of this market.

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The competitive profiling of the major players in the market and their market share across the four geographic segments namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World have been incorporated under the scope of the report. In addition, the distinct business strategies that have been adopted by the key players are covered under the purview of this report. To provide an insight into the market dynamics, the market attractiveness analysis and Porter’s five have been included in the report.

Detailed analysis of the market dynamics, i.e., the market drivers, restraints and opportunities has been also included in the report. The market dynamics are the factors which impact the growth of the market and these factors help to understand the ongoing trends in the market. Thus, the report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global body worn temperature sensors market and also provides the forecast from 2014 to 2020.

Some of the leading players in the body worn temperature sensors market are, Analog Devices Inc (Norwood, USA), STMicroelectronics N.V.(Switzerland), Texas Instruments Inc (Texas, USA), Maxim Integrated Products Inc (San Jose, USA) and Measurement Specialties Inc (Hampton, USA) among others.

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