Plan D Media Kolkata – Helping Start-Ups Scale Up By Digital Lead Generation

With a success rate of 98%, leading Digital Marketing agency Plan D Media is helping start-ups and small businesses scale up by generating qualified leads online. Offering their valuable services at the best affordable rates, this Kolkata-based agency is emerging as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the city.

Lead generation refers to the process of drawing attention towards a particular product or service for the purpose of making a sale. As lead generation makes use of digital channels, this marketing process is dynamic in nature owing to the rise of new online approaches being developed every day. As such, most start-ups out there struggle when it comes to generating leads for sales. They fail to take advantage of the latest digital marketing practices and often lack the budget to keep up with the new technology and techniques.

Generating leads through online channels costs 62% less than what it costs on digital channels traditional channels. And Plan D Media helps owners of start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses in achieving their business and sales objective at an even lower price. It enables start-ups in building interactive landing pages to trigger a sense of curiosity in them when they visit the businesses’ website. It makes use of email opt-ins, subscription and social media tools to generate a strong visitor base.

Plan D Media guarantees targeted business leads on a daily basis at 50% less cost per acquisition with its proven roadmap that is known to have increased business leads by 150% in the past. The various strategies used by Plan D Media Kolkata include driving organic traffic by focusing mainly on ON-Page and OFF-page optimization to drive significant traffic to the website. Other techniques that they use to reach a large number of customers include pay-per-click, writing quality blogs, circulating banner ads, and email marketing with a relevant database.

With its efforts and market proven techniques, Plan D Media performs successful lead generation and provides start-ups with other facilities such as deciding the pricing based on leads generated, controlling the number of leads, paying only for leads received and selecting the geographical areas of their business.

About Plan D Media: Plan D Media is a renowned digital marketing agency based in Kolkata, India. It has the professionalism, experience, expertise, and tools to help your business achieve success in digital marketing. With Plan D Media you can accomplish your goals in the most quantifiable, effective, and cost-effective way.

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