Fort Collins, CO, USA – September 13, 2017: Renowned major online retailer Bargain Brute has announced its plans to help the storm victims in Florida and Texas. An overwhelming majority of American people have been recently devastated in both states due to the hurricanes of Harvey in Texas and now Irma in Florida. The community has welcomed this initiative and the retailer is now welcoming everyone for generous support for this great cause of saving the humanity. This is indeed a very inspiring initiative with a great potential and spirit to help a vast majority of people currently stuck there.


“Basically we are providing an organized outlet for people to send tangible items to storm victims instead of money,” said Douglas Vandergraph while introducing the initiative. “You never know where the money is going or in whose pocket but the sent food will get eaten, and clothing will be worn,” he added. According to Douglas, the help will also include blankets and will also provide comfort along with the tools that will help these people rebuild their communities. Furthermore, participation in this inspiring process is quite easy and donors can directly send their help to the victims in form of items that are already available on the website.


In addition, the webstore of Bargain Brute now has more than 2 million items in stock and ready to be shipped to those victims who are in need. The Hurricane Harvey Relief is speeding up and people are now stepping forward for the Hurricane Irma Relief as well. According to the spokesperson of the retailer, the initiative will help Houston and Florida alike. The most amazing fact regarding this help is that people will be participating in this noble cause just by shopping online, which is amazing. These tough times have once again united the great nation of the United States with its brave people who are leaving the entire global community behind with their charity and spirit to help their fellow countrymen at the hands of these unfortunate natural disasters.


The flood victims of Florida and Texas need food, clothing, blankets, water, medication and other tools. All these items are already available in stock on the online shopping website and is ready to be shipped. Generous donors can simply purchase these items from the website and the company will ship them to Texas and Florida on the behalf of the donor. Another amazing fact is that the online store contains a wide range of products that actually include all types of products required by the victims as well as the displaced people in their times of need.


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