epeComponents Offers Innovative Solutions for Growing LCD Sector

epeComponents is pleased to announce that the company now offers innovative solutions for the growing LCD sector. The company is specifically tuned into the consumer electronics industry to meet current and evolving needs through a variety of integrated and customized chain supply solutions.

As LCDs are constantly expanding and improving, they are becoming more prevalent. As they grow in popularity, the increased demand means that quality is of utmost importance to meet consumers’ expectations. With consumers increasingly plugged into their smartphones, tablets and televisions, screens play a pivotal role in society.

Another demand for LCD is augmented reality or virtual reality. This expanded segment is experiencing rapid growth, so LCD clarity and quality must keep pace, as well.

Since 2002, epeComponents has become a trusted partner to some of the biggest and most iconic corporations and names in the world including a variety of Fortune 500 OEM, MRO, CM and EMS companies. To serve the diverse needs of these companies, epeComponents has developed global sales channels for top-quality IT equipment, including computers, set top boxes and more. Its database contains hundreds of customers along with their unique requirements to match the right customer with the right equipment.

For more information about the company and its services, visit epeComponents or call 1-978-740-0079.

About epeComponents: epeComponents specializes in offering innovative supply chain solutions for a variety of global Fortune 500 companies. Some of the top-notch solutions the company offers are purchasing excess inventory from businesses, data storage and recovery and obsolescence to track down components that are no longer manufactured. The professional and knowledgeable team consists of trusted and certified industry specialists. Per the company, “Our integrated and customizable supply chain solutions help to eliminate unnecessary costs associated with shortages, excess materials, and database decommission & recovery.”

Company: EPE Components
Address: 27 Congress Street
City: Salem
State: MA
Zip code: 01945
Telephone number: 1-978-740-0079

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