Scott W. Grant, DMD Eases Dental Phobia with IV Sedation Dentistry

The dental practice in Meridian, Idaho offers a viable solution for patients who wish to improve their oral health but not suffer from dental anxiety.

[Meridian, 09/15/2017] – Scott W. Grant, DMD helps patients with dental phobia maintain healthy smiles despite their fear of the dentist. Apart from providing quality family and cosmetic dentistry services, the Idaho practice offers a viable solution for people experiencing anxiety during dental procedure through IV Sedation.

The Colgate Oral Care Center reported of a survey focused on people who had not seen their dentist for 12 months. According to the survey, 6% of the participants reported of pain as the primary reason. The fear of pain was common in participants aged 24 years and above. Others attributed their fear to feelings of helplessness and lack of control.

Through IV sedation dentistry, the Idaho practice aims to provide a better dental experience that improves dental health minus the pain.

Sedation Dentistry for Patients

According to the dental clinic, intravenous or IV sedation dentistry offers rapid relief for pain and anxiety. Dentists will administer medication with a small needle placed in the vein of the hand or arm.

After the procedure, the practice recommends a 24-hour rest for patients, as well as oral medication to address concerns after treatment. The practice’s patients reveal they experience less pain after procedure, feeling calm and more relaxed.

A Better Dental Experience

Apart from a calmer and pain-free dental procedure, the Meridian practice lists the following as benefits of their sedation services:

  • Increased comfort for patients with notable gag reflexes
  • Superior healing and end results
  • Easier recovery
  • Increased comfort for patients with TMJ concerns

The Idaho practice encourages patients to be candid about medications and medical history. This enables the staff to determine the appropriate treatment plan for the patient’s needs.

About Scott W. Grant, DMD

Scott W. Grant, DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is a top provider of family and cosmetic dentistry services in Meridian. The clinic offers comprehensive dental treatments that keep patients healthy and happy. From preventive oral care to cosmetic procedures, its team of general and cosmetic dentists focus on improving their patient’s oral health.

Clients can schedule an appointment by calling at 208-215-7449 or visiting the website.

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