Bonneville Multifamily Capital Offers Multiple Multifamily Refinance Programs

Bonneville Multifamily Capital features a variety of multifamily refinance programs for the unique circumstances and objectives of multifamily property owners.

[Salt Lake City, 09/16/2017] — Multifamily real estate loans come with two things: risks and rewards. The right loan can minimize risks and maximize rewards, effectively becoming the driver of margin and cash flow.

Bonneville Multifamily Capital understands that the right kind of loan depends on each property owner’s circumstances and objectives. As such, it offers a variety of “cash-out” and “cash-neutral” multifamily refinance programs to provide each client with the best possible loan vehicle for their situation.

Multiple Options for Every Client

Every multifamily property owner has a unique situation, so Bonneville offers multiple refinance options. The lender has both “cash-out” and “cash-neutral” loans available.

The available multifamily refinance programs include FHA 223(f), Freddie Mac (FNMA), and Fannie Mae (FHLMC) loans. They also include life insurance companies, CMBS, and private sources for multifamily purchase/acquisition lending.

Meticulous Approach to Every Refinance Case

Multifamily property owners have different types of real estate loan terms. Some have a 5-year balloon payment, while others opt for the 7 or 10-year mark. Every property owner has specific goals, as well.

The lender is aware of this; so, it takes a meticulous approach to every case. It visits each client’s property and discusses the situation comprehensively before coming up with a suitable loan vehicle.

Bonneville Multifamily Capital has a simple approach to building long-lasting business relationships: it delivers the ideal capital structures for multifamily developers, owners, and investors. Therefore, it works toward long-term capital efficiency through offered programs such as its multifamily refinance programs.

About Bonneville Multifamily Capital

Bonneville Multifamily Capital is one of the largest USDA 538 lenders in the United States. Its in-house team is dedicated to the job, enabling it to become an HUD MAP-approved lender that clients trust. In fact, it has closed over a hundred loans in the past few years, with exceeds of approximately $3 billion.

On a further note, the lender is a division of Bonneville Real Estate Capital, a full-service mortgage banking firm which offers interim and long-term real property loans across the country.

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