Chronic Care Management (CCM) Software Overview

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Software was developed to meet all the electronic care plan requirements for CPT code 99490 . The intuitive design helps providers, care teams and administrators leverage a sophisticated engine to identify and manage patients with 2+ chronic conditions. The software technology is the ideal platform to create and manage care plans for these identified patients. It includes feature rich capabilities beyond typical electronic care plan software. That’s where the Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program comes in.

1. Enables team-based care and care coordination across providers.
2. Set up multiple care programs and protocols.
3. Create electronic care plans, assign teams and separate the tasks among physicians, nurses and coordinators.
4. Create custom questionnaires for patient follow up.
5. Record and log time for every patient interaction.
6. Customizable workflow processes.
7. Flag patients by condition, risk or program for easy identification and monitoring.
8. Implement across multiple care provider teams, letting each group focus on their work and also share critical information.
9. Customizable workflow processes.
10. Create reports and statistics by user – administrators can see staff workload and also identify highly efficient nurses, coaches and care coordinators.
11. Create documentation for billing purposes including CMS CPT code 99490.
12. Customizable workflow processes.

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