Dhwani Releases Yet Another Cool Mashup You Definitely Cannot Miss!

No doubt, the revamped ’Humma’ song is the most played party song in 2017. Thanks to ‘OK Jaanu’ composer Tansihk Bagchi. Lend an ear and you will hear the ‘Humma’ song everywhere. Blame the crackling chemistry portrayed in the ‘Humma’ video or the sensuous melody, the song has swept off the audience’s feet yet again. The original version of the ‘Humma’ song was a part of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Bombay’ movie released way back in 1995. It was a masterpiece composed by none other than the master of Bollywood playback music, A.R. Rahman. The sizzling magic of this song from the melodious 90’s was recreated in 2017 by A.R. Rahman himself, Badshah and Tansihk Bagchi.

Humma Faith Dhwani

Taking the party flavour a step forward, Dhwani created a mashup combining the ‘Humma’ song with another fantastic track by George Michael, the ‘Faith’.  It was George Michael’s debut solo studio album that also won him his only Grammy in 1989. The ‘Faith’ released on 1987 is one of the highest grosser of all time, selling at least 20 million copies across the world.

Teaming up these two songs was real challenging. The melody and the meter of each song completely complimented the other. From the tempo to the pace, everything was so perfect in the ‘Humma-Faith’ mashup, that, never for once it seemed that the songs were composed decades apart. Of course, nobody could have attempted this other than one of the best band performers in India who have mashup experience of more than a decade.

Soon after the release of this smashing mashup, Dhwani received nationwide accreditation.  From corporate parties to wedding receptions, Dhwani was showered with requests to perform this beautiful track again and again. Flawless background scores by the best musicians in India definitely added a new dimension to the mashup. In live performances shows of Dhwani, the track is equally applauded by the youth and the elders.

Of course, the sweetness remains throughout the video, not to mention the beautiful theme and execution of the whole thing. The mellifluous singing of Sarita, along with energetic duet of Srriram and Navin literally created an enchanting track that you can’t help but listen twice. The appearance of the trio in blue and black pitched against a glimmering gold, red and yellow background extends a sense of warmth that gratifies our senses.

Humma Faith Dhwani

Defying the inevitable comparisons with the original versions of these two songs, Dhwani’s mashup is purely directed towards fun and sophistication. Not only this multi-lingual mashup is trending in YouTube, but it has also become a part of high-profile live shows performed by Dhwani in India and abroad. So next time, you attend a sangeet, a corporate show or a social gathering where Dhwani is performing, you will definitely find yourself humming the new avatar of ‘Humma’ song again and again. In a way, it could be said that the ‘Humma-Faith’ mashup was made young, for the youngsters and elders alike.

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