Best quality Electric bed in India- Ankit Polyweave Industry

Ankitech is the leading electric bed manufacturer in India.  Get exclusive range of Mechanical Electric Bed to use at home or at nursing centers. The edge of the electric bed gives better quality and decreased weight due than its development, while the spring deck is zinc covered to give strength and to lessen erosion impacts.

Ankit ICU Electric Bed  AI – 2000 A

Ankit ICU Electric Bed AI – 2000 A


Progress Linear Actuator System

Edge Made up of Heavy M.S. Tubes

4 area split ABS Side-Railing

Head Foot ABS Panel

ABS Molded Head and Foot Panel

Bed mounted on 5 Castors 2 with brakes

Urine Bag Holder

4 Section consistently punctured best Made up of CRCA Sheet

Pre Treated with 7 tank compound treatment

Epoxy Powder Coated

Min Height – 580mm Max Height – 810mm

Over All Size: 208L x 100W

5 Function Electronic Bed

5 Function Electric Bed

Bed with Advanced direct actuator System ( 4 piece Motor, 1 Control Box, 1 Remote, 1 Nurse Panel (discretionary)

4 Section ABS Railing , Head and Foot ABS.

Consistently Perforated four sectional , CRCA Sheet top

Trolley sort base and fundamental edge made of solid rectangular CRCA pipe

Bed mounted on four 15cm Dia Castors, two with brake.

Pre-treated and epoxy covered finish.

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