Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Buy Gil for buy a house

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 will be released in early October, Square Enix began to reveal more details about how to change the popular(You can go to ssegold to see more infro about gil with discount price here SSEGOLD INC) MMO. Today’s update is the platinum room (divided into 12 districts, the Far East has aesthetics) and the new relocation function. The latter allows the player to “transfer the private or free company’s property to another area”.

The complete blog post will be detailed information, but there is a basis for how to relocate work on FFXIV Patch 4.1:
The move allows the player to move the real estate hall and furniture to the new plots. The destination can be located in any residential area and can be of any size.
Moved to the new plot.

To start this process, investigate the slogan at the entrance to the destination and choose the place of purchase. After the purchase is complete, you will be prompted to move so that you can move the property immediately. Before moving, you do not have to give up the old plot’s ownership. In the case of the company’s real estate and real estate shares, all competitors entering the real estate will be notified upon completion of the formalities.

* A member of a free company authorized to purchase and transfer land may transfer the company’s land.
* The player in the real estate agent will be automatically removed when moving.
Transfer fee

When buying a relocation block, 30% of the old value of the old plot applies to the price of the new plot.
(Relocation cost) = (target land price) – (30% of old land price)
* If the old episode’s refund exceeds the price(for more info about ffxiv gil click) of the destination plots, the transfer fee will be waived. However, the amount of the cost of the land beyond the destination is unacceptable.


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