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Why Choose an Electronic Pet Door

The electronic pet door is one of mankind’s best inventions. If you own a dog or a cat, or maybe both, you really need a pet door – unless you enjoy the aerobics of constantly getting in and out of your seat to let them in and out of the home. I know for my kitty, it was a pure dominance thing. He wanted my focus. Well, he still does, but has now found other methods of demanding it.
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The issue with regular pet doors is control. They allow every other creature in as well. Stray cats, raccoons, opossums all smell the kibbles in the bowl and want in. Can’t really blame them. Or perhaps you want Fido to be able to go out at is to do his number, but really want the cat to stay inside. How can you do that?

The remedy is the electronic pet door. The pet wears a detector on their collar which only lets them in or out. It may be magnetic, electro-magnetic, sonic frequency or infrared. In fact, there are models which can control up to seven or eight pets at a time and even monitor when they can and cannot go outside. An LCD screen indicates the last time each used the door. Almost makes you consider placing the collars in your children, right?

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Electronic pet doors protect your home as well as your pets. The door only opens on command. That saves you money on the energy bills. Regular flap doors could be drafty, forcing the price of maintaining your home comfortable out of sight. It’s similar to having a window cracked open year round. Electronic doors are draft and weather proof. Burglar proof, too.

The only thing to avoid is water. For those who own a pool and dogs that like to swim, then the transmitter may short out if they jump in and submerge the collar. Lots of the collars are actually water resistant, like a watch, therefore splashing or rain won’t zap them. Another problem is if you’re not home and the pet is outside during a power failure, it won’t have the ability to get in. But that’s fairly rare. There are so many styles and styles to select from that you are sure to find the best one to match your wants and your pet’s. Trust me. You’ll both be happier having an electronic pet door installed in your dwelling.

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