You Might Be Surprised At When You Should Take Your Child To The Orthodontist

When considering the best orthodontics Iowa City has to offer, you may wonder when it is a good time to take your child for the first time. The answer may surprise you. The American Association of Orthodontics is on record as saying that the first visit to an orthodontist should take place at about the age of seven. For many parents, this is likely to come as a shock.

After all, many parents of the current generation of children probably did not visit an orthodontist until later in their life. However, a new understanding of a child’s teeth and the way they come into the mouth at a young age has influenced orthodontists to suggest earlier and more intensive visits. For example, at the age of seven, a child should have just about all of their baby teeth in place.

In fact, there is a good chance that many children at that age will have several permanent teeth already breaking through their gums. These few early teeth give specialists in orthodontics in Iowa City the chance to catch early problems and fix them before they become more serious. For example, cross-bites and other problems may be developing in a child during this very early stage of their life.

Correcting these problems at an earlier age helps prevent them from becoming more of a problem later in life. In fact, before the age of 10 it is a great idea to do orthodontic treatments. That’s because the upper jaw is at its most easily adaptable at this point in a child’s development. It may be possible to avoid braces and other types of items if problems are caught at this age.

That’s why a growing number of people are getting orthodontic treatments for their children at this young age. In fact, many specialists are saying that such earlier medical processes may help prevent more serious concerns, such as jaw surgery, and help a young child get on the road to better health at a young age.


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