Origen Cacao – Fun Filled Cacao Tour In Medellin

Origen cacao offers quality cacao products from bean to bar chocolates. We also provide cacao farm tour for people to know more about our factory and cacao. We at Origen cacao strongly believe that Colombia grows best cacao in the world. The reason behind the success of our products is our true passion for cacao and most importantly, we get cacao directly from farmers, tribes and small co- ops throughout Colombia. Each region is said to possess a story and we put them in the chocolate boxes for you to know about them. The products contain unique flavors and they are handcrafted in small batches to maintain their freshness.

Cacao Tour
The cacao tour offered by Origen cacao will start from Niquia Station and lasts for five and half hours approximately. Before reaching the factory, you will be dropped at the neighboring cacao plantation. This is the place where you will be able to gain more knowledge about cacao by interacting with the farmers. You will also see the various stages of the cacao and also can taste the sweet pulp of the cacao.

 Cacao Factory
After the cacao plantation, you will be exploring our factory. In our factory, you will see the machineries which we use in the preparation of chocolates. You can taste a cup of ceremonial cacao, where Samuel will tell you about the story of our ancestors. You can visualize the manufacturing of molded chocolates, truffles or chocolate bars which depends on the day you visit our factory. People can also prepare chocolates and customize them according to their taste.

Apart From Cacao Factory
Other than knowing about chocolate factory, you have much more to enjoy in our tour. You will be exploring the nature and wildlife. The wildlife includes ducks and geese, fancy chickens, birds of all colours and more. The river in the area is crystal clear and you can enjoy swimming there. You can see various kinds of plantation in our plant nursery. The walking path provided where you can have relaxed time spent.

About Origen Cacao
Origen cacao located in Colombia was established in 2015 and it produces handcrafted cacao products. Other than manufacturing chocolate bars, they also produce nibs, nut clusters, raw cacao powder, white chocolate, brownies, cookies and many more. They use only pure ingredients and produce unique flavor for each of our products. To know more information about cacao farm tour, visit http://origencacao.com/

Carrera 64a #39-16, Medellin, Colombia
Contact no:
+57 300-451-8467 / +57 313-620-9251
E-mail id: contact@origencacao.com


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